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Executive Book Coaching

Non-Fiction, Management & How-To

Accountability is vital. I show you how to effectively write with prompts to organize and develop your book’s arc, theme, summary, individual chapter outlines, and content. As your badass partner, I review and critically evaluate concepts and materials: blogs, articles, notes, and partial manuscripts to structure your deliverables.

The Business Book 20-hour Book Coaching package includes homework assignments and reviews to wrangle your book into shape. You will have a first draft manuscript at the end of the sessions.

The Short Form Memoir 10-hour Book Coaching package guides you through writing a 50-page expose of a life event that changed your and others’ lives for the better.

  • Develop Your Inner Author’s Editorial Plan

  • Learn How to Write Your Management, How-To, Memoir

  • Unleash Your Potential Innate Value

  • Innovate Your Communications Concept

Take Charge

  • Turn Your Aspirations Into Reality

  • Stand in Your Difference and Make a Difference

  • Accelerate Momentum with Your Book 

We are intrinsically motivated doers and shakers.

brimming with sound strategic editorial experience to innovate. We don’t order your world, we unleash your talent to bring forth an extraordinary story with our laser focused process.

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I have had the pleasure of working with Elise for the last six months as my book coach, editor and a guide. A seasoned professional one who leads with her heart, she has helped me find my voice. I am indebted to her for her guidance and her wisdom is taking on the challenge. She was patient when I needed the space, stern when I needed the push, and empathetic when I needed to be understood. For almost 30 years I have carried the dream to ink my thoughts in a way that will make an impact for my audience. Elise’s skills and experience translated into making my book a reality!

Abrar Ansari, CMCTransformation Coach & Author, Management by Intent

Elise is a no-nonsense guide and mentor. She will firmly let you know her thoughts on your current state and then provide you with the tools you need (and maybe didn't know you needed) to help you achieve your goals. Elise's vast experience in the business and nonprofit sectors make her a great consultant for those who need to bring business sense and approaches to their communication plans to make the world a better place.

Robin HerskowitzFounder and Board Member, HealthStart Foundation & CEO, RH2 Consulting

What started as an innocent ghostwriting inquiry has turned into the exploration and solidification of the next chapter of my life. Business acumen and domain expertise are the price of admission in Elise’s business. What sets her apart is a genuine gift for seeing the innate (possibly hidden) gifts that lie within. Working with Elise has been hugely challenging and enthralling, but always valuable. Such is the case when releasing one’s inner genius. I am very grateful to have Elise in my corner as a guide, confidant, and butt kicker every step of the way.

Adam HalpernCEO, Profitable Destinations, Inc.

Before I met Elise, my business was stuck in a rut. The messaging wasn't on point, nor did I know how to reach my target audience. Within an hour of meeting with Elise, I was amazed at her wealth of knowledge and insight. She provided me with just what I needed to communicate my brand and move my business forward. She's like dynamite, explosive and powerful. She gets straight to the point, no time is wasted. Thanks again, for putting Messengers7 on the right track! If you're looking to put your business on track schedule an appointment to meet Elise Krentzel. She’s a Ninja.

Staceyetta D. WootenCEO, Marital Consultant, Facilitator, Author & Speaker

Elise is a breath of fresh air in a saturated marketplace full of "professional opinion" marketers. She is always enthusiastic, positive, and upbeat even when the challenge seems impossible. She brings an incredible background with her, that helps uncover and identify new ideas and methods most professionals fail to see. I have had the pleasure of working with Elise on more than one project, and I look forward to our next adventure together! Whether an editorial consultant, a writing partner, a communications advisor, Elise will bring immediate value to your vision and goals.

John ZozzaroFounder, President, Media Tech Ventures

Elise is the medium of new media, an expert in communications and a visionary mind. Far more important: one of the finest people to work with or to be discovered by! Elise’s nose for trends & talent, influenced the course of my career big time, since she envisioned the role of digital within one of the best and biggest advertising agencies in the world, BBDO. She launched my career within that network.

Marvin FernandezHead of Concept & Design Dept. of Communications & Media Design University of Applied Sciences Utrecht


Ghanese – Spiritual and forceful (analytical) of mind

Japanese – Connected Groups, beautiful

Persian – Perfection

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