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Elise Krentzel, Kumi Consulting’s badass Founder and CEO, is a visionary whose unusual life reads like an epic novel. One she expertly shares in the form of strategies, guideposts, and lessons to benefit your written communications.  

She has traversed five countries as a serial entrepreneur founding a music talent and booking agency in Japan; a cross-cultural marketing agency in New York City; launching the internet division of the world’s largest advertising group Omnicom in Europe; publishing the world’s first interactive travel guides on CD-ROM with GPS pre-internet.

Her writing career has spanned decades. Her memoir Under My Skin – Drama, Trauma & Rock ‘n’ Roll is a bestseller; she has been published in national and international online magazines, in print, news sources, and blogs. She began writing at sixteen and was the youngest music journalist to tour with Kiss in Japan. She makes a significant long-term impact on your life, creating a butterfly effect on your inner circle. She excavates the talent you have to bring forth your inherent gifts.

She’s a fearless leader who got caught in the whirlwind of life, hit rock bottom, got up, and reinvented herself every time—boldly carrying on without losing heart or sight of her true purpose: teaching you how to voice your story for the world to benefit creatively. 

What sets Elise apart is a genuine gift for seeing the innate gifts that lie within. Working with Elise has been challenging, enthralling, and always valuable. I am very grateful to have Elise in my corner as a guide, confidant, and butt kicker every step of the way.

Adam HalpernCEO, Profitable Destinations, Inc.

Our mission is to ensure you exceed your wildest dreams

Kumi helps you become the inner author you’ve always been but didn’t tap into fully by unlocking your story. The exploration of you is imperative to validate your potential.
Kumi lays the foundation and provides the building blocks to complete your management, how-to, or non-fiction memoir. But why work with Elise?

Write On,

Elise Krentzel

CEO, Founder