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We're a bunch of non-conformists who have broken the rules because they didn’t apply towards our success

Our street cred was earned through life’s taxing experiences, all along the way writing about them. A lot of them not so nice, as serial entrepreneurs, some of them not so nice, and as partners, a few of them yeah, not so nice!

We learned, grew, applied, and evolved into fearless storytelling warriors. So can you.

We teach eager and inquisitive individuals how to express their vulnerability in writing to transform their lives by allowing their history to be set free to make way for a future unimagined.

We paved the way so you can integrate your business and personal life story without struggle. That takes leadership. We lead with our hearts and analytical minds.

We’ll share with you how to become a successful warrior author.



Take a leap of faith


Work Together


Have a Laugh

Open Minded

Explore Your World


Always be ready

Kumi Consulting provides a hand-crafted, tailored writing experience for you to triumph as an author, public figure, and authority in your field.

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We are innovation-driven and believe wholeheartedly in our clients potential as extraordinary storytellers. Kumi will shape you into an elite author warrior: one with an editorial plan, a knowledge kit on how to implement the daunting task of writing a book, with an unstoppable drive to push you forward from within.


Kumi dives into the why of your editorial objectives to assess your purpose in  writing to personalize the big and small messages. By developing the outline for your story— arc, themes, professional tips, how-to methods, and characters, the result is a cohesive book. We also write in your voice, tone, and provide an empathetic ethos.

You Focused

Kumi is your book and story mentor—standing by your side through thick and thin. Our editorial services bring forth your dynamic personality and individuality, tailored to your key audience.

Emotionally Impactful

At our core, we aim to change the world through your story. By providing you with the editorial foundation and motivation towards success, the impacts on the lives you and your business change will be felt everywhere.

Are you ready to Claim Your Inner Author?